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Opening Night: 80x80, An Art Show


The Young Affiliates of the Mint will host their inaugural art show, 80x80, in Mint Museum Uptown’s level 5 expansion space from Friday, June 10th to Saturday, June 25th, 2016. 80x80 will consist of a total of eighty works, in commemoration of The Mint Museum's approaching 80th Anniversary.  Works of art shown will be selected from submissions and all artists are encouraged and welcomed to submit their work for consideration in 80x80. Mary Edith Alexander, Grace Cote, and Lori Kornegay will jury 80x80. Learn more about the 80x80 curators.


Ayako Abe-Miller, Amna Asghar, Amy Bagwell, Andrew Blanchard, William Brown, Amanda Brown, Robert Bubp, Micah Cash, Jong-un Choi, Chris Clamp, Meredith Connelly, Deangalo Dia, Sharon Dowell, RJ Dygert, Johanna Evans-Colley, Anne Fiala, Mark Flowers, Corey Fowler, Brian Gillis, Jamey Gray, Julie Anne Greenberg, Joshua Dudley Greer, Tinashe Gwata, Garrett Hansen, Ian Henderson, Amy Herman, Glenn Holmstrom, Julie   Jones, Craig Kaths, Mary Klacza, Kenn Kotara, Anne Lemanski, Betsy Lewis, Alexandra Loesser, Allison Luce, Katrina Majkut, April Marten, Andy McMillan, Nicholas Napoletano, Christopher Owen Nelson, Erik Nohalty, Isaac Payne, Jonathan Pellitteri, Miranda Pfeiffer, Michelle Podgorski, Stacy Rexrode, Ellie Richards, Lynne Riding, Barbara Schreiber, Lila Shull, Sandy Singletary, Clint Sleeper, Sydney Sogol, Matthew Steele, Margaret Strickland, Laura Sussman-Randall, Jaimee Todd, Felicia van Bork, Aric Verrastro, Linda Vista, Jason Watson, Annemarie Weekley, Charles Williams, Holly Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Doohyun Yoon, Liliya Zalevskaya, Xiwen Zhu


This show will open a dialogue between artists, unbridled from any overarching theme, content, medium, or geographic parameters, and the Charlotte community in an accessible, yet established space, while mixing and mingling amongst works of art.

There is a noted schism between the museum space, the gallery space and the studio space. With this art show, the Young Affiliates of the Mint Museum hope to bridge that gap to give attendees and participants the medium through which to view this new space and start this new conversation.

80x80 will consist of a total of eighty works shown in commemoration of the Mint Museum’s 80th Anniversary as a beloved staple in Charlotte and vital organ of the arts in our city.


We're a diverse group of young professionals promoting and supporting the Mint Museum cultural, social, leadership, and fundraising activities and events. Established in 1990, we're the premier social arts organization for young professionals in Charlotte.


Mint Museum Uptown, Charlotte, North Carolina.


Artist’s submissions accepted.

APRIL 4TH, 2016.
Artists will be notified of acceptance.

MAY 9TH – MAY 16TH, 2016.
All selected works of art should arrive at the Mint Uptown.

JUNE 10TH, 2016.

JUNE 10TH – JUNE 25TH, 2016.
Show is up and running. Come on down to Uptown.

Interested in submitting your work? Learn more.